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PubMedID 24449854
Title Functional changes of the reward system underlie blunted response to social gaze in cocaine users.
Free Keywords Adult, Cocaine-Related Disorders, complications, physiopathology, therapy, Eye Movements, physiology, Fixation, Ocular, physiology, Humans, Interpersonal Relations, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Middle Aged, Neuroimaging, methods, Reward, Social Behavior Disorders, etiology, physiopathology, Switzerland
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Preller KH
Herdener M
Schilbach L
Stämpfli P
Hulka LM
Vonmoos M
Ingold N
Vogeley K
Tobler PN
Seifritz E
Quednow BB
Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Publication Year 2014
Volume 111
Number 7
Page 2842-7
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Cognitive Functions
Brain Areas
Coordinate Type MNI
Brain Coordinates -9,-28,28: -6,56,-5: -3,53,-5: 0,44,13
/ Public / Imaging Method / MRI
/ Public / Stimulation / Modality / Visual
/ Public / Brain Area / Frontal lobe / Orbito-frontal area
/ Public / Brain Function / Social cognition
/ Public / Subject / Patients
/ Public / Brain Structural analysis / ROI analysis