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Book Book

"Book" contains introductory textbook, encyclopedia and related books to neuroimaging researches.
Paper Paper

"Paper" contains bibliographic information of peer reviewed journal papers on neuroimaging researches.
Presentation&Doc Presentation&Doc

"Presentation & Doc" contains Power Point, PDF and video files available for educational purposes and those presented in conferences.
PowerPoint / Lotus / JustSystem / HTML / PDF / Other
Data Data

"Data" contains audio, visual, and other stimuli presented in neuroimaging experiments and raw data obtained in the experiments.
Excel / Movie / Text / Picture / Other
Tool Tool

"Tool" contains programs for controlling experimental stimuli and for analysis of data obtained in the neuroimaging experiments.
Matlab / Mathematica / Program / Other
BrainCoordinates BrainCoordinates

"Brain Coordinates" contains the coordinates of brain activations. Using "Search with Brain Atlas" on the task bar, activated locations are visualized on the brain atlas and linked to the paper carrying the data.
Model Model

"Model" contains models hypothesized for neuroimaging experiments and simulators created based on the results of the experiments.
Matlab / Neuron / OriginalProgram / Satellite / Genesis / A-Cell / Other

"URL" contains a list of URLs including the information on the neuroimaging researches.