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How To Use Brain Coordinate Converter

This is a tool for mutual conversion of brain coordinates.
Default input/output format is defined, but you can use arbitrary format.

Input Area Example.

Input coordinates.

You can input brain coordinate to "Input:" text area on the left of the page. Brain coordinate is 3D vector. You can use comma separeted format such as "1,2,3". As default, it is no matter what delimiter is except for numerics.
When you input "1,2,3,4,5,6", system receives two coordinates of (1,2,3) and (4,5,6).
And also "1 2 3 [Return] 4 5 6" results same.
Input Format Example.

To define input format.

You can define input format as you want in "Input format(Regular expression):" text area.
You can revert changes by pressing default button.
Convert Example.


You can select conversion type from list. MATLAB programs created by Jack Lancaster( Research Imaging Center in San Antonio, Texas ) is used as reference.
When you press the "Convert" button, the script runs.
Output Area Example.


When conversion finishes, text area on the right shows the results.
If you need, please copy from here.
As default, the output format is one comma separeted coordinamte per line.
You can change the format by using "Output format:" area on top-right.
%x, %y, %z and \n are replaced by numerics and return code.