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Brain imaging has become one of key technologies for studying human brain mechanisms, despite arguments portraying brain imaging as neo-phrenology. Recent studies show the possibilities of brain imaging technology not only as a tool to get anatomical information, but to get insight into brain mechanisms. Brain imaging technology is expected to be able to elucidate dynamical aspects of brain functions, if and only if the brain imaging experiments are conducted based on computational models and powerful analytical methods. Furthermore, together with cellular and genetic methods, brain imaging may lead to a unified view of how the human brain supports the mind. Thus we believe that brain scientists should have a platform that they can access through a network and get useful experimental data, analytical methods of brain imaging, and/or mathematical modeling as well as tutorial informations. To this end, we have organized the Neuro-Imaging Platform (NIMG-PF) committee as an activity of the Neuroinformatics Japan Center at RIKEN. There are many active researchers in this field and with their collaborations, we could open this PF. We hope this PF is realized for neuroscientists and students as a useful tool.

(Ryoji Suzuki [former chairman of the NIMG-PF committee])

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