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The demonstration is here.

It is explanation of how to use as follows.

The choice such as coordinates.

→When link is clicked, Brain Explorer is displayed in the new window the coordinate which presently it is selective as a initial value.

Home buttons

The kind of brain-images is changed. In addition, a cross-sectional axis is returned to an initial position.

Cursor position

The coordinate which it appoints is set to the original position of a cross-sectional axis.

Mouse move

The position of a cross-sectional axis can be operated by "cursor movement", or brain-images by "image movement".


It changes the display of grid, and non-displaying.

Rotation step

It is setting how it rotates when the button that rotates the brain-image is clicked.

The description of the buttons.

Rotate clockwise
Rotate counter-clockwise
Turn left
Turn right
Turn up
Turn down
Flip horizontal
Flip vertical
Changing from 3D to 2D
Changing from 2D to 3D
Changing from Head-image to Brain-image(There is no Head-images of Human brain image.)
Changing from Brain-image to Head-image
Zoom up
Zoom down

Mouse operation

[cursor movement]

  • The clicked point is set to the original position of the cross-sectional axis when clicking on the brain-image.
  • While clicking the brain-image, the coordinates value of the clicked point is displayed.
  • The cross-sectional axis can be moved by dragging it.

[image movement]

  • The position where the brain-image is displayed can be moved by dragging it.