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This site has been archived since FY2019. and is no longer updated.

This site was opened to the public at 23 Jun 2009. When you submit an application form of user registration, please write it correctly. The application may not be approved, if it includes incorrect information or only abbreviation for address, organization, and division name. (Currently, user registration is closed.)

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1st 音楽聴取時の脳活動の計測 (10950) 1st
2nd NICTチュートリアルビデオ... (10704)
3rd NICT tutorial video[Sear... (9817)
4th MEGイメージングにおける... (9802)
5th 非侵襲脳機能計測入門 (9312)
6th 脳機能検査 ?脳磁図の計... (9021)
7th NICTチュートリアルビデオ... (8852)

most downloaded items
1st NICTチュートリアルビデオ... (260) 1st
2nd Biomagnetics: Principles... (259)
3rd 非侵襲脳機能計測入門 (183)
4th NICTチュートリアルビデオ... (166)
5th 音楽聴取時の脳活動の計測 (132)
6th NICT tutorial video[Sear... (87)
7th NIMGPF用TappingfMRI解析... (80)

most active contributors
1st diimura (932) 1st
2nd kotoyuka (738)
3rd kenta (516)
4th susumu38 (470)
5th neo (336)
6th uemura (333)
7th niki (305)

most searched keywords
1st 仁木 (4074) 1st
2nd auditory (3865)
3rd kuriki (3752)
4th brain (3741)
5th absent (3593)
6th processing (3582)
7th event-related (3562)

most active groups
1st AMAT (453) 1st
2nd NIMG-PF (89)